What We Left Behind

Looking Back at Star Trek:Deep Space Nine

Design and Animations for a Documentary

Having seen our previous Deep Space Nine fan trailers, the production team reached out to us and asked us if we would like to be involved in their crowdfunded Star Trek documentary about our favorite Trek show.

Being asked to contribute to an official Star Trek documentary is awesome for a Trekkie. Being asked to work on a Deep Space Nine documentary was heaven for us.

We tried to help the documentary team with everything we could do – mainly our focus was to create CG interiors to present photos in the doc. But we also designed the main logo and did poster designs, created various animations and Blu-ray menues.

See below for samples of our work.


We redesigned the documentary’s logo based on the initial design used for the indiegogo campaign and combined it with the “look and feel” of the original DS9 logo from the show. While doing so our primary goal was to clean up the campaign’s logo and authentically recreate the custom DS9 logo font.

Simply showing photos in a documentary can get a little dreary at times for the audience.

The doc team wanted to enhance this experience by presenting photos on panels and screens on the set of Deep Space Nine.

As these set pieces are not available to us, we created them in 3D and delivered several camera angles for the team to choose from. The package included easy-to-use files with prerendered footage and reflection layers.


CG Remastering

Recreating shots from a beloved show is always hard. In this instance, if you want to show the space station, you have to start with a good 3D model. Luckily, we were provided with it by Tobias Richter.

Then we tried to come as close as possible to the real-life model shots that were used in the actual show in the 90’s.

As the project went along, we also created some layouts for posters and wallpaper images.
Most of these were not used but it was fun to experiment and give the Deep Space Nine world another spin and the status of a pop culture icon that it should own anyway.

Graphic Design


As we already provided several interior shots for the doc, it made sense to use variations of them for the Blu-ray and DVD menus.
We updated four pieces to provide a backdrop for the information shown on the disc.


For fans who contributed above a vertain level, one of the perks was a Limited Edition Disc of the Documentary.
The idea of the doc team was to also go in a different direction with the jacket cover.

Thank you for watching!