Tele 5 Station IDs

Short Idents for a German TV Station

The german tv station “Tele 5” asked us to design some bumpers to better show off their Star Trek shows while also stay in line with the rest of their bumpers.

We developed the concept to present the various ships and stations of the 5 Star Trek series as a reduced version that resembles unpainted miniature models that fans have at home.

In the Background of the shots we pay hommage to the fabrics of the uniforms worn by the Starfleet officers in the different series.
The flight patterns of the ships also resemble somewhat the intros of the respective Star Trek shows, ranging from the Star Trek (1966-1969) to Star Trek: Enterprise (2001-2005).

3D Models by Tobias Richter at thelightworks

Star Trek

Back in 1966 the first season of Star Trek’s original series premiered in the United States. Based on the fabric of legendary colorful uniforms intoduced in the show we created a cheerful bumper that intruduces the first incarnation of the iconic Starship Enterprise and the Starfleet logo.

The part about the second STAR TREK series to see the light of day is partly an homage to its intro sequence. The planets are there and the angle of the ship at the end recalls the majestic quality of the Galaxy Class starship Enterprise.
As in all of these sequences, the colors mirror the uniforms worn in the show.

Star Trek: The Next Generation

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

The third live-action instalment of Star Trek on TV was the first show that did not feature a Starship Enterprise boldly going… Instead it circled around a former cardassian space station. “Deep Space Nine” featured a more serious and sometimes darker take on the Star Trek Universe. This also resulted in the introduction of the USS Defiant and was furthermore reflected by the introduction of the grey uniforms in later seasons. The bumper shows these elements in a circular setting.

Following the journey of the Starship Voyager on it’s long way home from the distant reaches of our galaxy “Star Trek: Voyager” aired in the late 90s. We tried to cite some of the iconic shots of the show’s beautiful title sequence for this bumper.

Star Trek: Voyager

Star Trek: Enterprise

As a sequel series, ENTERPRISE’s mission was to take the first small steps into the great unknown. The ship is featured prominently, contrasted by the Blue of the uniforms.
At the end of the clip, the subtle graphic lines tell the story of a more recent and contemporary tv series.

Thank you for watching!