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Car Reveal

For the Volkswagen T-Cross event at Sugar City Amsterdam, we were asked to do a VJ-style intro that started off the whole event. The vertical shape of the LED wall was designed to evoke the feeling one has by using a cell phone vertically.
Production: ACHT Frankfurt GmbH ( )
Creative Director: Simon Mayer
Motion Design: David Frank & Christian Lerch
Music: Red Rock Production

See the whole show here on YouTube.

A collection of Motion Graphics work for the Volkswagen Management Conference 2019 in Wolfsburg.

Client: Volkswagen
Agency: ACHT
Creative Director: Simon Mayer
Visual Director: Julian Krüger
Music: Julian Krüger
Motion Graphics: David Frank, Phil Ritter, Christian Lerch
Director’s Cut: Christian Lerch


Director's Cut

As part of the „Volkswagen Brand SUV Night“ in Shanghai we created motion graphics to stage the cars and gave every single one of them a specific character. These are the Director’s Cut of the films that show more of the graphics we did.

Client: Volkswagen Group China
Agency: ACHT, Auditoire China
Agency Producer: Dennis Brandt, Rene Petit
Creative Director: Alfredo Picardi Rockenbach
Visual Director: Simon Mayer
Music: Taku Sakakibara / OngaQ
Production Company: Tribe
Executive Producer: Kjell Kunde
Motion Graphics: Christian Lerch
Director: Doggie Tsao
DoP: Paul Da Hai
Producers: Tommy Tang, Shawn Ma
Director’s Cut: Christian Lerch

For the Family SUV segment of the Beijing Auto Show we teamed up with Daniel Ahrens to create this interior piece – with Florian Prütz delivering these little detail animations. We came up with the idea to project type on the walls and pieces of furniture. The camera moves in such a way that the words are only legible for a short time. Additionally, we had to incorporate the huge screens on the ceiling in our work.

Produced at ACHT
Creative Director: Julian Krüger

Automotive Event


For the Audi Keynote at the International CES 2014 in Las Vegas, I did some of the background animation and designs. And especially the one minute-long intro film and the info graphic elements.

The intro film shows the technical achievements and progression in the history of Audi.

Client: Audi