Star Trek Trailer 5

Unofficial Trailer

Creating a Sci-Fi Trailer

Klingon warriors are fierce fighters but despite their lust for battle, they are chased by the Cardassians and their new Dominion allies. Now the Klingons are on the run and reunite with the Federation to face a new threat. The situation escalates when Deep Space Nine gets attacked and the Federation has to flee.

We are David Frank and Christian Lerch and this is a fun side project. We are Motion Designers, Star Trek Fans and Sci-Fi nerds.

Special Thanks to Tobias Richter & Chris Kuhn.

This video is based on and inspired by the „Star Trek: Deep Space Nine“ Episodes „Apocalypse Rising“, „Looking for par’Mach in All the Wrong Places“,„…Nor the Battle to the Strong“, „In Purgatory’s Shadow“, „By Inferno’s Light“, „Soldiers of the Empire“ and „Call to Arms“.
With the voices of Marc Alaimo, Robert O’Reilly, Colm Meaney, Avery Brooks, Jeffrey Combs.
Klingon poem from „Star Trek: Klingon“ written by Hilary Bader.

Comparing shots

We based our CG recreation of the First City and the Great Hall on the original Matte Painting of the capital of the Klingon Empire by Syd Dutton.

Original Matte Paining by Syd Dutton

We based our shot on an original sketch of set and production designer Richard James where the hall was larger and more cathedral-like.
The chandeliers were taken from the ones used in the actual show.

Re-Creating an Interior

Original sketch of the Great Hall by Richard James


We chose to do planned transistions between the shots again for this one. It helps to establish a nice flow of the trailer.

Below are some images from our trailer.


Thank you for watching!